4k/30fps video capture capability, high definition quality images along with Denoisation Algorithm could be secured.

13M pixel high-performance sensor along with a wide 80-degree field of view guarantee a higher quality standard.

4K Premium Video Capability

4k@ 30fps | 13MP Sensor | Denoisation Algorithm

Clear and Natural Voice

2-element Mic Array | Noise Reduction Algorithm

The integrated two high-sensitivity, high-signal-to-noise ratio microphones detect audio from up to 4 meters away.

Combined with the noise reduction algorithm, background noise with a fixed frequency will be detected and eliminated.

2D & 3D DNR
Image Denoising

Screen and compare the images of the two frames before and after, to find out the position of the noise and control its gain, so the noise interference of weak signal images is reduced and incredible image quality is delivered.

Fast Autofocus

Autofocus | T-lens
Fast Autofocus your face clearly once you sit in front of the lens to ensure a smooth and natural visual experience.
With T-lens technology, the focusing process is stable and smooth without blurring.

Multi-angle Rotation

360° Horizontal Rotation | Different Angle Adjustment (≤10°)

Free adjustment camera angle through the versatile monitor mount, highlight the thing you want to focus on.

Type-C Connection

Type-C connection, UAC and UVC standard protocol.

Simply connect your device with the Type-C USB port and no need for any additional adapters, cables, or drivers.


  • Camera Parameters
    Image Sensor 1/3.06"SONY sensor
    Pixel 13M
    Output Resolution 1.H.264 (30fps)/MJ(25fps) 3840*2160; 2560*1440; 1920*1080; 1280*720; 1024*576; 960*540; 800*600; 640*480; 640*360; 480*270; 352*288; 320*240; 2.YUY2 (30fps) 640*480; 640*360; 480*270; 352*288; 320*240;
    Focus Method Auto Focus
    Field Of View DFOV:79.8° HFOV:67.8° VFOV:53.1°
    Aperture 2.2
    Digital Noise Reduction 2D; 3D noise reduction
    Output Format MJPG; H.264; YUY2
    White Balance Auto
    Exposure Auto
    Backlight Compensation Support
  • Microphone
    Quantity 2
    Pickup Distance 0~4m
  • I/O Port
    USB Type-C(Device) 1
  • Physical Specification
    Dimension L×H×D 116×54.3×48mm
    Dimension (package) L×W×H 154×86×82mm
    Net Weight 155.0g
    Gross Weight 246.5g
  • Accessories
    USB Cable x1
  • Environmental Conditions
    Operation Temperature 0°C~40°C
    Operation Humidity 10%~90%RH
    Storage Temperature -20°C~60°C
    Storage Humidity 10%~90%
    Altitude Below 5000 meters